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Legal Disclaimer

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In the event that any individual should use the information presented on this Site without a licensed medical practitioner’s approval, that individual will be diagnosing for him or herself.

No responsibility is assumed by the author, publisher or distributors of this information should the information be used in place of a licensed medical practitioner’s services. No guarantees of any kind are made for the performance or effectiveness of the preparations mentioned on this website. Furthermore, this information is based solely on the traditional and historic use of a given herb or on clinical trials that are generally not recognized by any US government agency or medical organization.

This information has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, nor has it gone through the rigorous double-blind studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous and prescribed in the treatment of any condition or disease.

Third-Party Sites

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Site Content

Company neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement on the Sites, nor for any offensive, defamatory or obscene posting made by any user. Under no circumstances will Company be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on information obtained through the content on the Sites. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through the Sites. Please seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice or other content, including but not limited to financial, health, or lifestyle information, opinion, advice or other content.

Warranties, Limitation on Liability & Indemnification

Except as otherwise provided herein, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Company liability hereunder shall in no event exceed an amount equal to the amount actually paid by you to Company in the month prior to a claim under this section, regardless of the basis for the claim. You understand that this is a significant limitation on your right to sue Company and you should not proceed if you do not agree. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Company, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of the use by you of the Sites, including claims by other users of your equipment, access, products or membership. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit Company liability for its own negligence except where allowed by law.


In-Trial Offer: A trial offer provides the customer an opportunity to try product free of charge for 14 days from date of order, paying only shipping and handling fees of $4.95(USD). At the conclusion of the trial period, you will be billed the full purchase price of $99.95(USD) and enrolled in the monthly replenishment program.

Easy-Pay Quarterly Offer: The easy-pay quarterly offer provides the customer an opportunity to receive a quarterly supply of product (3-month supply), billed in three (3) installments. Shipping and handling of $4.95(USD) will be charged on date of order. The first installment of $99.95(USD) will be billed 15 days from date of order. The second and third installments of $99.95(USD) will be billed thirty (30) and sixty (60) days from first installment date respectively.

Single Item Purchase: A single item purchase is a one-time transaction for an individual product. This purchase does not include enrollment in the monthly replenishment program. Single item purchases are subject to shipping and handling charges of $4.95(USD).

Bonus Offers:

  • Buy two (2), get one (1) free (3 month supply)
  • Buy three (3), get two (2) free (5 month supply)

These offers do not include enrollment in the monthly replenishment program. Please refer to the 30-day return policy for special guidelines regarding returns on these offers. Bonus offers are subject to shipping and handling charges of $4.95(USD).

Terms of Trial and Automatic Renewal Program: When you place your initial order by clicking the “Rush My Trial” button, if you choose “Rush Shipping”, your card on file will only be billed $2.99 upon order and your product will go into a priority shipping queue with insured delivery. If your product does not arrive, or arrives damaged, Company will replace it free of charge.

Contact Customer Care at 1-855-544-5330 for additional questions regarding purchase types.

Important terms and disclosures – please read carefully. When you place your order by clicking the “Rush My Trial” button, if “Expedited Shipping” is selected, you are accepting the following terms relative to the “Expedited Shipping” offer: Your card on file will only be billed $2.99 and you will be enrolled in a free thirty (30) day preview of MySkinCare Rewards, where you will have ongoing and unlimited access to health, skin, beauty and wellness benefits, and receive $100 in Reward Dollars every month you are an active customer, good towards hundreds of thousands of dining, shopping, travel, and local deals savings. Your rewards are not gift cards or gift certificates, have no cash value, and are available online only. If you choose to continue the MySkinCare Rewards program beyond the free thirty (30) day preview, you will be billed $4.95/5.99 each month for continued access to MySkinCare Rewards. You may cancel your MySkinCare Rewards account at any time by calling 1-855-544-5330.


Within the continental United States, Company ship First Class mail. Shipping time is estimated to be between 2-5 business days for arrival. International orders are shipped International Priority Airmail and may take 7-10 business days from date of shipment, unless international customs cause a delay.

PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE AT 1-855-544-5330 FOR SHIPMENTS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 15 DAYS. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR SHIPMENTS CLAIMED AS UNDELIVERED IF NOT REPORTED WITHIN 15 DAYS. When an incorrect or invalid shipping address is provided at time of order, and Guarantee Ship has not been purchased, the reshipment will be subject to the retail shipping and handling charge of $12.95(USD).

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation is allowed after purchase, except where required by law or otherwise allowed herein. Once an order has been submitted, your credit card will be charged. ordering process is streamlined so your order will immediately be sent to processing and then shipped. Due to the high volume of orders Company receive, Company will be unable to stop an order after submitted. PLEASE ORDER CAREFULLY.

In-Trial Offer Cancellations: When a customer decides not to continue their use of the product, they are required to cancel within 14 days from the date of order to avoid the completion billing of $99.95(USD) and enrollment in the monthly replenishment program. The monthly program delivers a replenishment of product every thirty (30) days at the same low price of $99.95(USD). Company recommend that all trial order cancellations be made two (2) days prior to the trial end date by calling 1-855-544-5330 — ONLINE CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON TRIAL ORDERS, TO ENSURE CANCELLATION HAS BEEN PROCESSED PRIOR TO YOUR TRIAL END DATE.

Easy-Pay Quarterly Offer Cancellation: When a customer decides not to continue with the easy-pay quarterly offer, they may request a cancellation for the next quarterly billing cycle only. Please note that cancellations within a current billing cycle cannot be applied, as the customer is in receipt of a three (3) month supply of product. To cancel, please contact Customer Care at 1-855-544-5330 or submit your request to support@healthylifecorp.com.

Monthly Replenishment Program Cancellation: When a customer decides to stop their monthly replenishment of product, they may contact Customer Care. Company recommend that all cancellations be made two (2) days prior to the next billing date by calling 1-855-544-5330 or by submitting your request to support@healthylifecorp.com.

Reversals and Chargebacks

Company considers charge backs and reversals as potential cases of fraudulent use of services and/or theft of services and as such will be treated. Company reserves the right of filing a complaint with the appropriate local and federal authorities to investigate. Be advised that all activity and IP address information is being monitored and that this information may be used in a civil and/or criminal case(s) against a client if there is fraudulent use and or theft of services. IN THE EVENT THAT A REVERSAL OR CHARGEBACK CLAIM IS FILED WITH THE CARDHOLDER’S BANK, REFUND REQUESTS WILL BE DENIED BY RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT TO PREVENT FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN MULTIPLE REFUNDS.

Credit Card Declines

In the event a credit card transaction declines, after product has been shipped or received, and you have not exercised your cancellation rights per the terms and conditions, Company reserve the right to reprocess the transaction in full. This includes the right to resubmit the charge on or about every two (2) days from the original declined transaction date and up to three (3) additional attempts thereafter. In the event of subsequent credit card declines, you authorize to resubmit a reduced amount from one-half (1/2) or one-third (1/3) of the full purchase price until the full amount is obtained.

Contact Customer Care at 1-855-544-5330 if you have additional questions regarding credit card declines.

30-Day Return Policy

Company take great pride in the quality of the products Company offer and your satisfaction is ultimate goal. In the event you need to return an item, you have thirty (30) days from the date of purchase to contact and request a refund. IN ORDER TO PROCESS A REFUND, ALL RETURNS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED AND ASSIGNED A RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) NUMBER. PRODUCT RETURNED WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION (RETURN TO SENDER) WILL FOREFIT REFUND.


  • Product must be unopened and unused
  • Limit one (1) return per product, per household (with the exception of the bonus offers)
  • Return can only be made on most current product billing cycle NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Return product must be returned within thirty (30) days for US orders and (45) days for International orders, of the assigned Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number
  • Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs
  • Company assess a $12.95(USD) processing fee per item returned
  • Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable
  • Repetitive returns are not allowed
  • For refunds on Bonus Offers, all items are required to be returned. If all items in the order fail to be returned, the value of the free or bonus product will be deducted from any refund issued.

Company reserves the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds, or who in judgment, requests a refund in bad faith.

It is strongly suggested that the customer obtains shipping insurance and a tracking number on their return shipment as Company will not be responsible for packages that fail to arrive back to the return address provided.

Contact Customer Care for an RMA Request at 1-855-544-5330 or support@healthylifecorp.com.

Damaged or Incorrect items

  • In the event that your order arrives damaged, or you receive the wrong item, please call Customer Service Department at 1-855-544-5330 within 24 hours.
  • Company ask that you do not dispose of any damaged products until you contact the Customer Service Department for instructions, as Company may require the return of the damaged goods.
  • In the event of a damaged order, Company will ship a replacement order promptly.
  • If you have ordered incorrectly, Company will ship the correct item once Company has received the return of the incorrect product.
  • All damaged orders must be reported within five (5) business days of delivery.

Damaged orders not reported within five (5) business days of delivery confirmation cannot be adjusted or credited.

Choice of Law, Dispute Resolution

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of The United States, without giving effect to normal choice-of-law and conflict-of-law principles. Except for a suit by Company to collect product fees owed by you, the parties agree that a party asserting any claim or dispute regarding this Agreement shall file and litigate such claim/dispute only in a court in The United States, and only after the parties have first submitted to and engaged in commercial mediation in The United States. The parties will split the cost of the mediation.


The website content, product names, product lines, website names, promotion and offer names, and all related trade and service marks are and shall remain the exclusive intellectual property of Company. You specifically acknowledge that this Agreement does not confer upon you any interest in or right to use any trademark or service mark of Company or its Affiliates, unless you first receive the prior written consent of Company, which Company may grant or withhold in its sole discretion.